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I'm peoud to present a new project: The CEF Elders. The Central Experimental Farm has been planting trees since the late 1880s. A large number of them are on the "Campus", slated to be cut down so that developers can profit. This project documents those trees.


The Big Soul Project page has been updated to include all images from 2005-2020 including a rediscovered set from the NAC 4th Stage from 2005.


"You Are Here │Vous y êtes" opens on August 1st at the Ar Rental & Sales Gallery of the Ottawa Art Gallery.


My show "Tourists - here today, gone tomorrow" opened today in Atrium Gallery. It will be open through April 20th.


The first issue of the "With Flare Newsletter" launches today. Sign up on the "Contact Page" to subscribe for future issues.


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Don't worry Jack, its only ART!